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mat walerian

Mat Walerian. Jazz instrumentalist and Composer.

Mat Walerian is a jazz saxophonist and woodwind player (alto saxophone, bass clarinet, soprano clarinet, flute), composer and bandleader who specializes in improvisation and avant-garde music.

His studies were mostly focused on eastern philosophy and Japanese culture. With the exception of a few lessons he is self – taught musician, occasionally taking lessons from acknowledged masters Matthew Shipp and Hamid Drake, lessons which he has cited as being crucial to his development. His style is firmly in the mainstream of modern jazz and improvised music, somewhere around hard free bop with a tribute to the atonal avant-garde heritage. Classical music, jazz classics and the classical music of Japan and India have all left a distinct impression on his creation. Mat cooperates in diverse musical projects with musician who represent various musical streams; jazz, classical, contemporary, improvised avant-garde music and electronica.

His musical projects include THE UPPERCUT, M-THEORY PROJECT, TOXIC, JUNGLE, OKUDEN, SAINTHUNTER, WHITE LOTUS, ZEN, MUTANT DEFINITION, BLACKADMIN or PREDATOR GONE WILD. In his projects Mat mixes classical chamber music, jazz classics and Asian scales along with the modern expression of improvised music

Mat is an art director for the OKUDEN MUSIC, described as "sound to the deepest" concert series, presenting the mainstream of modern jazz and improvised avant-garde music heritage.

Mat loves nature and experiencing wildlife phenomena.